10 Chicken Wings (with a choice of BBQ or honey siracha sauce) £6.99

Potato Skins (Deep fried and served with melted cheese and garlic mayonnaise) £4.99

Boneless chicken wings (with a choice of BBQ or honey siracha sauce) £5.99

Chicken Quesadilla (fajita flavouring) £5.49

Chicken Satay and Rice £5.49

Bowl of Chilli (beef or vegetable options available) £4.49

Chefs Soup with Baguette £4.99


Loaded Fries (large platter of fries with meat and melted cheese. Served with two pots of sauce) £5.99

Loaded Nachos (large platter of nachos with meat and melted cheese. Served with two pots of sauce) £5.99

Jumbo Platter (mozzarella, calamari, halloumi, onion rings, sausages, chicken nuggets, garlic mushrooms and cheesy garlic bread) £14.99

All the following are served with a side of chips/jacket potato and peas/salad/baked beans.

All grills are served with mushrooms, tomatoes and onion rings

Gammon and Pineapple £9.99

Pork Chops £9.99

Mixed Grill (Burger, gammon, pork, sausage and chicken) £15.99

Garlic or Cajun Chicken £8.99

Chicken Melt (cajun or garlic. Served with bacon and cheese) £9.99

Chicken Burger £8.49

Fish Burger £8.49

Beef or Vegetable Lasagne £9.99

Steak and Ale Pie £8.99

Steak and Kidney Pie £8.99

Chicken, Ham and Mushroom Pie £8.99

Tropical Pork Pie £8.99

Minted Lamb and Vegetable Pie £8.99

Shepherds Pie £8.99

Game Pie in Season £8.99

Ham and Cheese Omelette £8.49

Vegetarian Cheese Omelette £8.49

Chicken Quesadilla (fajita flavouring) £8.99

All the following items served as stated

Ham, Egg and Chips £7.99

Sausage, Egg and Chips £7.99

Spaghetti Bolognaise (beef or vegetable options available) £8.99

Chilli and Rice (beef or vegetable options available) £8.99

Chicken Curry and Rice £8.99

Scampi, Chips and Peas £8.99

Chicken Satay and Rice £8.99

Homemade 6oz burgers

Served in a bun with fries and peas or beans. Vegetarian options available. Double up for £12

English Burger (topped with cheddar cheese or stilton/bacon and sautéed onions) £8.49

Texas Burger (BBQ sauce, American cheese and sautéed onions) £8.49

Indiana Burger (hot chilli sauce and sautéed onions/peppers) £8.49

Louisiana Burger (cajun spices, American cheese and sautéed onions/peppers) £8.49

Nerd Burger (plain burger in a bun) £7.99

Asian Burger (teriyaki glaze and sautéed onions/peppers) £8.49

Surf and Turf Burger (plain burger topped with fried scampi) £9.49

All American Burger (American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions) £8.49

Pulled Pork and Burger £9.49

Chilli and Burger £9.49


A large platter of seasonal mixed tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion and grated carrot

Cheddar Cheese £6.99

Ham £7.99

Tuna £7.99

Oriental Chicken (warm) £8.99

Honey and Mustard Grilled Chicken £8.99

Ploughman’s (lunch only)

Served with a crusty white baguette, salad trimmings and pickle. Extra portion available at £2 each

Ham £8.99

Stilton £8.99

Cheddar £8.99

Baguettes (Lunch only)

Served with salad trimmings and fries

Cheddar Cheese £6.49

Ham £6.49

Tuna Mayonnaise £6.49

Bacon £6.99

Sausage £6.99

Breakfast Sausage and Bacon £6.99

Jacket Potato (lunch only)

Topped with butter and served with a side of salad

Plain £6.99

Cheese £7.49

Baked Beans £7.49

Tuna Mayonnaise £7.99

Basket meals

All the following served with chips

Chicken Goujons £6.99

Sausage £6.99

Beef Burger £6.99

Scampi £6.99

Fish Goujons £6.99


Basket of Fries £2.99

Basket of Fries with Cheese £3.99

Garlic Bread £2.99

Garlic Bread with Cheese £3.99

Baguette and Butter £2.49

Onion Rings £2.99

Platter of Salad £2.99

Children’s menu

All served with chips and peas or baked beans

Chicken nuggets £4.99

Fish Fingers £4.99

Pizza £4.99

Sausages £4.99

Scampi £4.99

Sunday Lunch

Roast parsnips, fresh vegetables, cauliflower cheese, yorkshire pudding and stuffing. Extra meat available at £2 each

Beef £12.99

Turkey £12.99

Gammon £12.99

Pork £12.99


Choice of traditional, alfredo or spicy tomato sauce. Extra toppings at £2 each


Cheese £4.99/£14.99

Pepperoni £5.99/£14.99

Vegetarian (choice of 6 vegetables) £5.99/£14.99

Meat Lovers (sausage, beef, pepperoni and ham) £6.49/£18.99

Sausage (sausage and peppers) £6.49/£18.99

Hawaiian (ham and pineapple) £6.49/£18.99

Vegan (choice of 6 vegetables and no cheese) £5.99/£14.99

mega topped gourmet pizza (only available in 14″)

BBQ (BBQ chicken, pulled pork and beans) £19.99

Philly Steak (steak, onions, peppers and cheese) £24.99

Breakfast (sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and egg) £19.99

Seafood (prawns, mussels and calamari fish) £24.99

Indian (curry and tandoori chicken pork) £19.99

Chinese (teriyaki, hoisin, plum chicken and pork) £19.99

American (burger, bacon and American cheese) £19.99

Mexican (taco beef and chicken) £19.99


Served with custard, cream or ice cream

Apple Pie £4.99

Sticky Toffee Pudding £4.99

Carrot Cake (gluten free) £4.99

Bread and Butter Pudding £4.99

Chef’s Choice Crumble £4.99

Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.99

Chef’s Choice Cheesecake £4.99

Ice Cream Sundae (choice of three scoops topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate, strawberry or butterscotch sauce) £4.99